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November 22, 2016


REKchampa - Untitled 4

Alright, so the first track is by REKchampa. I freaking love this track as well as i love REKchampas other productions, but this one is just outstanding. Also really happy to own the record as most of the PPU stuff is really expansive in Germany somehow. Whole record shares the same moody and jazz-groovy vibe, which is totally mine. Much love for this one.


Nujabes - Worlds End Rhapsody

The second one is by Nujabes. Back in the days when I was a Hiphop/Rap-only head I listened to his albums so much, especially modal soul (where this track is taken from) but put those in the background as House music and all that stuff took over, which is a real shame hahah. Luckily I found the tracks on my computer again and realised that this is actually a pretty decent playable track (I'm curious every track on the world is playable, but as far as house rhythms and bpms concern, this one would be the most plausible to play) and I'm so happy I found it again. RIP




Yussef Kamaal - Strings of Light

For my third track i picked Strings of Light by Yussef Kamaal. Been waiting for this album so freaking long and now i finally got it. Next to "Yo Chavez" this is my favourite track from the album. In my opinion, it's not as multidimensional as the other tracks are, but whatever, this track is pure energy. Always listening to it in the early morning hours right before school and I'm just grooving around my room preparing for the day. It's like coffee without coffee, heavy bassline, nasty drums, what else would you want ?


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