Wild Reflection

Wild Reflexion transports us between its jazzy influences and its 80’ synths. From the hip-hop to the electronic music, the Danish also known under the name of Johan begins to produce at the age of 12. Equipped with its MPC and its old school synths, he appears on important soundcloud channels as Bolting Bits or Four Heads. We were curious to know who was behind those tracks.

When did your start to produce ?

My start in music was when i was around 12 years old, i was fooling around in at cracked version of FL Studio, making remakes of early 2000s hip hop songs. Over the years i have been making i bunch of different music. I started as said making corny 2000s beats, then old school Boom Bap beats, then experimental beats (Flying Lotus like), then i has period in my life where i was a little down, so all i wanted to do was to make sad Electronica and now im making House.

Can you talk a bit about your influences ?

Jazz! if it have a hint of jazz im with it. On the electronic side of things then i’m a huge fan of Moodymann and the way he has shaped his totally own style. Mr. G is also one i really look up to, his chords, his bridges and his structure in the songs are amazing! On the other side i really listen to a bunch of different things from Steve Kuhn to Neptunes or Thundercat to Miles Davis.

Do you have a musical background ?

I come from a family where music has been a big part of my upbringing. I remember as a child walking around looking in my granddad's hugh classical record collection, looking a all the weird covers or hearing Bossa Nova being played every time i visited my oncel's house. For me it was growing up with “exotic” music there made me peep my interested in making music. I never took a lesson or knew anybody there did music, i just started doing it!

Can you talk about the machines you produce with ?

In my center i have my Macbook with Ableton running. I know its really hype to say “fuck laptops”, but i think it's amazing that i basically can make a full song while i’m on the move!

I love the VST Arturia bundle, i use these all the time. On the hardware side of things i keep it pretty minimal. For my drums i have a MPC2000, that i think is amazing for jamming out drum patterns and coming up with rhythms that you would not normally do if you had to click them in on the computer.

I got a Yamaha dx21 for all the 80s sounds, it got cheesy keys for days! I use it a lot for melodies, if you put some analog delay on it, then it can really make it sound good!

Then i have a Korg SV-1 there is just kind of a Fender Rhodes type keyboard. I use the SV all the time, i really don’t like clicking chords in on the computer, to me that sounds and feels wack, i’m playing 99% of everything i make unquantized, just to get that “real” feeling. Even though i suck a playing keys then i think i'm a pianist at heart, to me the chords are always the most important thing in the song