Tom Jarmey

What are your influences ?

I can’t really pinpoint who my influences are, I guess it’s more just the music i’m into at the time that influences how i’ll produce a track and how i’ll mix. A few years ago I was really into my 80’s house and started collecting all kinds of 80s vinyl, stuff like Joe Smooth and Inner City. Since then, especially for my productions, I listen to a lot of soul and more recent house; My favourite stuff coming from guys like Andrés and artists on WOLF music, I love all that stuff. It’s pretty soulful so I guess that comes across in the tracks i’ve been making!

How do you produce ?

Initially I was using Ableton by itself, playing around with the preset synths and pads to create tracks. However, about a year ago I bought a Korg Electribe 2 sampler and thats become the main hub in my setup. I’ll use this to create most of the elements of a track, i’ll then export the parts to Ableton where i’ll add all the master effects and so on - plus arrange and attempt a bit of ‘DIY’ mastering. I also got myself a nice new Minilogue which I haven’t fully grasped yet, this is something i’m playing around with at the moment so it’ll definitely appear in my future productions.

How do you find your samples ?

I search around for a lot of drum and synth sounds, always one shots, which i’ll import onto my sampler, cram with effects, play at different pitches and basically just mess around with until something sounds good. For these one-shot kind of samples i’ll surf the internet for free packs like an 808 kit or some of Legowelt’s synth samples that he gives out. My other larger samples come from soul tracks. I’ll often rip one of my vinyls and then sample a nice stripped down part that i’ll build other elements around. For vocal samples it all comes off YouTube, from movie trailers and other random videos…

Thanks Tom for this words