Fede Lng

From Italy, now based in London, FEDE LNG has become one of the most important figures in the Lo-Fi movement. He founded his own label in 2014 - Ax On Wax Records - which led to the creation of sub-labels. We can find some important producers of the movement in those labels, including Mall Grab, Deejay Astral, Jesse Bru or Trudge. Hyperactive between his mixes, productions and his label, any lover of Lo-Fi and House have already heard about Fede Lng.

Are you more Hardware or Software ?

Personally I like to incorporate both hardware and software into my productions, so i keep Ableton as main clock, and connect Synth and Drum Machines to it via Midi or CV Gate to it and record every Audio Clip into Ableton then arrange the track w Ableton Push

What is your process to produce ?

Usually i start a track by building a drum loop, or by tweaking a sample, then i add other elements from there. I rarely start from a bass (unless it’s a sample!) or Chords/ Pads/ Strings.

Can you talk a bit about your influences ?

I tend to look up at artists like Mr G, Funkineven, Fabio Monesi and Slyngshot mainly as they managed to get recognised without compromising their underground sound. They all have their labels and try to keep their releases ‘quiete', without paying hundreds of pounds to PR Companies to boost them. I also really like the productions from Australia’s new talent Rosa Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Shanti Celeste & Annie Hall and the all CPU Crew outta Sheffield.

Do you have a musical background ?

I don’t really have a musical background, i’m not the artist who’s gonna tell you the classic story '' ‘i’ve been into music since i was 3 years old, started playing this and that instrument at the early age of 6'' and all that bullshit, coz that is bullshit! For me it all started after finishing high school in Milan i decided i wanted to move out from Milan, so decided to move to London and try out a music career, just to see what it’s like, and so i enrolled into Point Blank Music College in Hoxton (London) and i’ve spent 2 years there studying Music Productions and Music Business which gave me a basic knowledge on how to make beats w Ableton and how to start a record label.

Your label has a good success: when did you start to launch your label and why ?

I started Axe On Wax while i was at my last year at Point Blank in 2014, i sketched a logo, got a designer to actually make it into a logo and took it from there. Asked some music to some artists i liked and took it from there. It took me a while to be confident and release my own tracks on my label but eventually i did it and now i’m doing it more often then ever and i feel confident about it.

Can you talk about the machines you produce with ?

I own quite a few synths, and i’ve sold quite a few as well in this past years and i have to say i have 2-3 synths which i doubt i will ever sell and they are the Roland Juno 106, the Cyclone TT-303 and Moog Minitaur. I also use a lot the Juno 6 which is in a studio that i rent in East London, it sounds like the 106 but with a lot more low-ends, it’s older so you gotta get it Midi-Fitted but it’s worth it. Also the Juno 6 does NOT have presets which i like coz sometimes i loose too much time going thru them. Both the Juno 106, and the 6 are easy to use, just by tweaking the filter and the envelopes you can get nice bass or pad sounds in minutes and they have nice acidy-ish sounds too, which i love as an alternative to the classic 303 sound.

I’ve used the 303 in my tracks ‘XX’, ‘Not A Dream’ and ‘Looking from Above ft Yaeji’, the acid boot does one job but it does it really good, specially when i run it thru my Space Echo pedal, it gets more dreamy and gives the all mix more space. All the new Roland mini things like Aria and ju-06 and all that are not for me, they might be easier to mix as they don’t take as much frequencies as the vintage machines but they sound pretty cheap and weak to me a part from looking like a toy for a kid.